Don’t Choose Just Any Legal Assistance for your Family

Your Legal Rights

Having the right legal counsel makes all the difference when you need to protect or enforce your legal rights. We listen to your needs and strive to achieve your goals.

Our Goals

Since opening in 2012, our firm maintains a deep commitment to our clients, assisting them in difficult situations and ensuring that their case receives the best possible outcome.

Knowledge & Skill

Our firm has been successful at protecting and enforcing the legal rights of numerous clients. From before you consider going to court to negotiating settlement or through to trial, we will manage your case.

Whether you are a parent looking to secure or enforce parental rights or child support, a spouse seeking to secure a divorce, or a family member or friend with a loved one in need of a guardian due to declining mental health, we can help. Our firm has a solid background in domestic and probate law, and years of experience.

Consultations are provided for a reduced fee of $200. Contact us today at 603-443-9932 to set up a time to discuss your situation. A consult can help decide whether and how to move forward, with or without counsel.

Consultations & Case Assessments